A Seventh Confession of Sin


Please feel free to use this in your personal or public Worship.


Holy Trinity, God of love, our Creator and Redeemer; we are living paradoxes. Even though you made us in your image, we distort the reflection of your glory in our self-love. Even though you grant us every good gift—including the gift of our very selves—we refuse to accept your generosity in our demand to be self-made. In our sin we have violated your reality, and yet we have convinced ourselves that we have done no such thing. In reaching out to seize life apart from you, we have lost everything. But our betrayal could not stop your love. You came into the world in the person of your Son to seek and to save the lost. Save us from ourselves, and help us to find ourselves in the Beloved, forgiven and accepted. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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